Climbing Options

Climbing Options


Everyone over 18 new to the centre is required to complete a Level 1 Induction in order to use the Traverse, Bouldering and Auto Belay High Walls. If you would like to use the Manual Belay walls you must complete an additional Level 2 Induction. Level 1 Inductions take between 15-30 minutes depending on your previous experience, one of our qualified instructors will take you through the safety essentials for using the walls as well as giving you some climbing tips to get you started. You are then free to climb for the remainder of the three hour session.

Inductions are also necessary for parents / guardians to be able to supervise children in the climbing centre. Once adults have completed a Level 1 Induction they are then able to supervise 2 children over the age of 6 on the Traverse, Bouldering and Auto Belay High Walls. Non climbing parents can supervise their children for free after having completed a Level 1 Induction.
Children are encouraged to take part in the Induction so that they are aware of the safety requirements of the centre.

Rental Harness, Shoes and a Chalk Bag are included in the price of an Induction.

Adults Climbing Induction: £13
Adults Non Climbing Induction: £7
Childs Climbing Induction Aged 6-17: £10
Concession Climbing Induction: £10
(Concession includes full-time undergraduate students with a valid student card, over 65’s and those with a disabled badge).

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General Admission

Once adults have completed your Level 1 Induction (or minors aged 14-17 who have been signed off, see details below) they are then free to climb on the Traverse, Boulder and Auto Belay High Walls during any of the centres public opening hours. If you would like to use the Manual Belay walls you must complete an additional Level 2 Induction. General Climbing Passes give you up to 3 hours of climbing time in the centre.

Adults Climbing Pass: £13
Childs Climbing Pass 14-17: £10
Concession Climbing Pass: £10

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Unsupervised Climbing for those aged 14-17

It is possible for us to sign off teenagers between the age of 14-17 to climb independently. This is only available to experienced climbers who have either been regularly attending ours Climbing Clubs or can prove previous experience. Only our senior instructors are able to ‘sign off’ an under 18 year old climber after observing them climbing. This may take one or more sessions in order to ensure that the climber is safe and responsible. The ‘sign off’ can be removed at any stage if unsafe or irresponsible behaviour is demonstrated. Please contact us for more details.

Childs Climbing Pass 14-17: £10

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Parent Supervised Climbing

You must complete a Level 1 Induction in order to supervise children in the centre (any children under 6 must be supervised by one of our instructors in an Instructor Supervised or Toddler Session). Once you have completed a Level 1 Induction you will be able to supervise up to 2 children between the ages of 6-17 on the Traverse, Boulder and Auto Belay High Walls. You can choose to climb with your children or just supervise them and not climb, non climbing parents can supervise their children for free after having completed a Level 1 Induction. As these sessions do not require one of out instructors they are bookable all day every day. Like a Standard Climbing Pass, Parent Supervised Climbing Sessions can last for a total of 3 hours giving you plenty of quality time to bond in a shared experience with your loved ones whilst keeping fit and getting strong.

Parents Supervised Climbing Pass: £13
Parents Supervised NON Climbing Pass:  £0
Parents Supervised Childs Climbing Pass:  £10

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Instructor supervised Climbing Sessions  

Children aged 4+ can also be booked into one of our Instructor Supervised Session. These are 1 or 2 hour long sessions supervised and directed by one of our qualified instructors. If you don’t feel confident enough to supervise your little ones, fancy an hour off or just want them to get more out of their session with one of our fun and enthusiastic instructors the Instructor Supervised Session is the one for you. These sessions are bookable on all weekends and weekdays during the holidays.

1 Hour Instructor Supervised Session: £13
2 Hour Mega Session: £23

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Climbing Clubs Age 4 – 18

We have a variety of Climbing Clubs including Mini Climbing Club for those aged 4-5 years, Junior aged 6-7 and 8-11 years, Teen aged 12-14 years and Youth aged 15-18 years. These are progressive learning sessions following the National Indoor Climbing Awards Scheme (NICAS) aimed at improving climbing skills and techniques but also offering fun, a great social experience and group camaraderie. Your budding young climbers can enrol in the scheme (this is not compulsory but encouraged as tge. Sessions follow these logbooks) by purchasing a logbook for rope climbing and/or bouldering, these cost £7.50 each. Check out the link below for more information.

Club sessions are available during term time and run after school Monday – Friday and on Weekends throughout the day. Clubs run for between 12-14 weeks depending on the length of the school term.

12 Week Block: £156
14 Week Block: £182


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Toddlers Climbing Sessions Aged 2-4

Toddlers can climb in our Toddler Climbing Sessions for ages 2-4. These are 45 minute sessions run on during the week in term time and holidays and Saturdays throughout the year. Parents are required to take part in these sessions and help support their little ones on the soft play, games and and Traverse Wall. Our instructors are there to help guide and support parents and children throughout the session and from age 3, our instructors can take them on the Auto Belay High Walls.

These sessions are focused on developing the fundamental movement skills that all children need to help them perform better at any sport in the future. We focus on Locomotion, Manipulation and Stabilisation to help improve coordination, balance, body awareness and off-course their climbing.

Toddler Climbing Sessions: £7.50

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A waiver is required for each person climbing in the centre, please complete a waiver online if you haven’t completed one before. Parents must complete these for anyone under the age of 18. No climbing is permitted if we do not have a valid waiver for any participant.



Rock climbing is a great whole-body workout

Climbing requires us to use all of the muscles groups in our body and it utilises all 3 energy systems. It requires stamina to climb long routes on the high walls, strength to climb hard boulders, core muscles for constant balance and awareness for coordination.