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Every adult (and teenagers 16+) need to complete an induction session in order to use the walls. The Induction lasts 20-30 minutes and is with an instructor (the duration will depend on your previous climbing experience). We will run through the safety essentials for using the walls as well as some climbing tips to get you started. You are then able to continue climbing, for a total (includes induction) climb time of up to 3 hours. Children are able to do the induction session with their parents or do an Instructor Supervised session.

You are then free to climb for the remainder of the one hour session. They are also necessary for parents to be able to supervise their children climbing. Non climbing parents can supervise their children for free after having done the induction session.

Included in the price of induction and Instructor supervised sessions are harnesses and climbing shoes (subject to size availability).

  • Adults: £13
  • Concession: £10 (for children joining their parents on an Induction session)
    (Concession includes those under 18, students (fulltime undergraduate students, aged 24 and under and with a valid student card),  65+ and those with a disabled badge)

Children can be booked into their first session (or any other time) in an instructor supervised group session. This is an hour long session supervised and directed by an instructor.

Instructor Supervised session: £12.50

Children aged 4+ can be supervised by an instructor for a 1 hour session.

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