Courses, Socials & More!


Courses: Additional sessions may be available through the year. Please contact us for further details. All courses include shoe and harnesses.

Beginners Course: The Introduction to climbing course is a group session and include bouldering, auto and manual belays, how to climb, how to fall and other techniques. Included in this is the manual  belay course.  This is a progressive course and skills will be built on each week. This course runs for 1.5 hours a week for 4 weeks. This runs on Mondays at 6pm.Total hours: 6. Cost £90

Improvers Course: This course is a follow on to our beginners course or for those with some previous experience It’s also a progressive learning course and builds on the skills learnt in the beginners course or on preexisting experience. It’s a 1.5 hour session over 4 weeks. It’s also £90.

Up Mums
These climbing sessions are designed for mums with children under 8-9 months where they can bring their babies along. Climbing is a beautiful way to engage your body in a symmetrical and gentle way after pregnancy. The instructor will lead you through a warm up, and climbing exercises suitable post pregnancy, followed by guided stretching.

The structure of the session is loose enough to enable you to tend to your child when needed but still provide you with enough of a challenge to leave you with a load of endorphins. These sessions are not intended to replace therapy consultations and exercises recommended by a therapist, but aim to help to strengthen alongside of these. It’s important to always speak to your therapist or medical practitioner if you have any doubt about starting a new exercise regime.


Up, Reach high ladies club.
Beginners or improvers courses. 1 hour course. Up to 9 ladies with an instructor. As a male dominated sport, climbing gyms can often be a daunting place for women. This course allows our female coaches  to work with women and help build self and confidence.

Climb and Curry Nights
Great social night. Combining our two great loves! Come along for a climb then replenish your energy stores with a great Nepalese curry from fellow climbers at Himalayan Kitchen.
More details on what they offer can be found at: www.himalayankitchen.gg

SEN Climbing
As an all-inclusive facility, we aim to offer opportunities for everyone to climb! We can offer small group coaching or 1 to 1 coaching/climbing therapy sessions for those with additional needs.

We will also host reduced sensory sessions and therapy based sessions for those sensitive to excessive noise and lights, including those on the autistic spectrum. Let us know if you have any special requirements.

1 to 1 coaching:
If you’d like to work on specific skills to help improve your climbing, then these sessions might be for you!

Cost: £30
Duration: 1 hour


Corporate, Team Building, Sports and Social

If you’re looking for a great new activity for your clients or team then get in touch. We can incorporate team building games with lots of fun for a great session.

We can also combine these with a curry banquet or three course menu from Himalayan Kitchen.


Rock climbing is a great whole-body workout.

You build stamina, strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate to work cardio. You need strength to pull yourself up on the rope with your arms. But also tests your core body muscles and legs to enable you to find the right balance during your climb.