Frequently Asked Questions

What walls do you have and how high are they?
We have 3 different walls. Our high roped walls vary from 5m to 7m. 7 of the 9 of those are on both auto belay and manual routes.
We also have traverse walls which are 2.4 m high and you traverse across them.
Your feet don’t have to be more than 30cm off the ground if you’re not a fan of heights.
Lastly, we have our bouldering walls which are 4m at their tallest point and vary from quite flat and slab like to quite steep, overhang areas.


How do I get started?
Whether you’re experienced (quicker process) or an absolute novice, you’ll need to book onto one of our induction sessions. Our experienced climbing instructors will give you all the information you need to get started on you climbing journey at UP.  This applies to adults only or children attending with adults for the first time.


What do I wear?
Loose fitting (not too loose), longer short or gym clothing that is comfortable. Well fitted, non-marking soled trainers. Climbing shoes will also be available to rent.


Do I need to book?
Although not essential, it is recommended in order to avoid disappointment.


How old do you need to be too climbing at UP?
We have something for just about everyone from 2 up. (I’ll expand on this)

Rock climbing is a great whole-body workout.

You build stamina, strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate to work cardio. You need strength to pull yourself up on the rope with your arms. But also tests your core body muscles and legs to enable you to find the right balance during your climb.