Climbing Therapy

Climbing Therapy is very popular is Europe and is gradually increasing in popularity in the UK and we’ll be bringing it to Guernsey. The therapists from Avenue Clinic have set up their therapy room at the rear of the chapel with its own mini climbing area which includes climbing frames and a small climbing wall.

Avenue Clinic will be providing fun sessions for all ages called Mini Movers. These are from 10 months old. Some will be fun/play/discovery sessions with parents (10 months-2 years) and others will allow them to explore a bit more on their own (with the parents nearby (3-4 years).

They will also be providing Climbing therapy sessions for all ages. These sessions will be influenced by therapeutic goals such as improving: core stability and/or flexibility, hand eye co-ordination, strength. handwriting (more on how it helps with that later. Contact us for further and start dates for group sessions. One to one Climbing therapy sessions are also available with Dimi Argyros (Osteopath) and/or Juliette Toumine (Physiotherapist).

This  centre started as a tiny acorn from the desire to help the numerous children we continued to see with a variety of issues from physical to emotional. It eventually grew into the giant oak tree which is now the Up Climbing centre.

Climbing Therapy has been gaining momentum and research evidence support over the last few years and shown to be effective in a large variety of areas including psychological and physical. It can help to strengthen core stability (without you realising you’re doing it!), improve hand eye coordination, balance and more. As well as, being extremely mindful and helping to relieve stress, give you a sense of achievement and help build confidence.